Toms Deutschseite is dedicated to my dear wife Catherine Höfler.

German grammar, vocabularies, texts, pronunciation ...


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possible time-table

This time-table is for everybody who doesn't know where to start studying German on Toms Deutschseite. I'll give a suggestion for a possible time-table. Almost every topic bases on a topic before and it's advisable to keep the order if you don't have any previous knowledge.

first steps

Before Cathy started studying German here we just collected easy but important words and wrote them down in little vocabulary list. During this time Cathy started sending me messages in German - of course with many grammar mistakes but at least she came familar with the vocabulary.

Additionaly, we bought the self-study book deutsch kompakt from Hueber which includes a textbook, 3 CDs and a self-study book with some basic grammar. Cathy worked alone through the first 8 or 9 topics but it was too boring and dry to learn German just with a book and so I started preparing the first exercises and put them on this homepage in the following order:



vocabulary topic


grammar topic



1st + 2nd week

3rd week

4th week

5th week

6th week

7th week

8th week

9th week

10th week

11th week

12th week

13th week

14th week

15th week

16th week

17th week

18th week

19th week

20th week

21st week

22nd week

23rd week

24th week

25th week

26th week

27th week

28th week

29th week

30th week

31st week

32nd week

33rd week

34th week

35th week

36th week


very useful tools

German / English online dictionary

LEO is the best online dictionary ever.
It contains more than 420,000 entries.
With its simple and functional interface it offers a very quick access.

To have the quickest access to the dictionary I recommend the little program LION (0.4MB, freeware, free of viruses).
Lion starts automatically when your windows starts, it runs in the background and with one simple shortcut you can look up a word even without starting a browser.

After the installation of Lion click with the right mouse button on and choose these options:

All you have to do now is to mark the word in any program (word, chat window, e-mail program ...) and press your shortcut.
You will get immediately the translation.

pocket translator

There is not always a pc and internet access available.
That's why we bought one of these litte pocket translators and it's really worth its money.
Besides the translations from English to German and vice versa the translator is able to give you any form of every verb in any tense and mood. It automatically recognises plural froms and gives the translation of the singular form. Finally, you get the gender of every noun.

We got this one at ebay for 90 Euro.