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learning target

Aim of this section is to learn how to say a certain date.



Heute ist der vierzehnte März zweitausendsechs.
(Heute ist der 14. März 2006.)

Today is the fourteenth of March two thousand six.
(Today is 14 March 2006.)


Actually, there is not much to learn to say the date of today or when somebody was born.
You should, however, consider the following:

For data after 1 January 2000 we use: 2000 + year


For data before 1 January 2000 we use: XX hundred + year


As you can see I used the for the days ordinal numbers which we covered already.
Therefore, just the way to say the years in German is new to you.

In all examples above I separated the different parts of the written year by hyphens. That's no correct spelling.
Actually, you have to write all words in a row but I find that makes it hard to read the years.
So, please do it like me for now and separate the different parts.



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