Toms Deutschseite is dedicated to my dear wife Catherine Höfler.

German grammar, vocabularies, texts, pronunciation ...


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In September 2005 I started writing the first simple excercises to offer Cathy an easy way to learn my language.
At this time I didn't plan to publish anything. During the following years our project grew more and more and today it contains:

It took me a lot of time to write all the HTML-code and transfer all the pages into printer friendly PDF-files.
In 2007 I stopped counting when I reached 1500 hours of work.

How you can help

In 2006 we decided to organize a domain and rent some webspace to make our project available to all the people who have similar problems with German like Cathy.
We would like to keep the project if the donations cover the yearly costs of domain and webspace.

current state in 2024


If you want to help to keep our project or if you just appreciate the work, time and love we put into Toms Deutschseite feel free to donate:

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Many thanks to all who supported already our project 2024!

Kevin, Thi Ngo

last update: 18th May 2024