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ob und wenn (condition)

learning target

Aim of this section is to learn the correct use of ob and wenn.



Weißt du, ob er uns bald besucht?
Wenn du Lust hast, kannst du raus gehen.
Du wirst Arbeit finden, wenn du gut Deutsch sprichst.

Do you know if he is going to visit us soon?
If you feel like doing you can go outside.
You will find a job if you speak German well.


There are 2 words in German to express the English word if.


  • Wenn is used in conditional sentences.

The translation which describes "wenn" best is: if / in case.



  • Ob is also used in conditional sentences.
  • Ob is only used in questions / indirect "questions" with yes/no answer.
  • Ob usually occurs only in the 2nd sentence.

The translation which describes "ob" best is: whether.


As you can see indirect "questions" are in fact statements!
Actually, they are the answer to a question with a yes/no answer.

Besides the meaning of "if" wenn has a second meaning (=when).
For further infomation go to als, wann und wenn.



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