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German spelling

preliminary note

German spelling belongs surely to the hardest topics of German language.
Even natives have big difficulties with correct spelling, especially since the "new" spelling has been introduced.

I had a "difficult relationship" with spelling and had given almost all hope. Even though I still make some stupid mistakes,
some easy rules help me today to write correct German.

I often see e-mails, letters, advertising and so on which contain mistakes you can avoid with a row of easy rules.
I'd like to show you these rules.

The topic German spelling is the first chapter which is available in German and English, since it could be interesting for Germans too.

Tip - spell check with Google search

If I'm not sure about the spelling I just use the search engine google.
If the word is wrong Google suggests the correct spelling

Further homepages for checking

If Google isn't sufficient I use the following pages:

summary - documents for your folder

German spelling (theory, 1 page)